Update your account details like name, email address, phone number or address, anytime by following these steps:

Step1. Go To Welcome Page

            Click the profile icon on the right-hand side of your screen, and click settings from the in the drop-down menu.


            Now select Accounts on the Settings page.

Step2. Update Your Information

            This would bring you to the Accounts Setting page. Where you can fill in or update all the information for your                      account.

  • You can start with upload a logo for your organization in the Logo section by uploading an image. 
  • Type in the name for your studio in the Studio Name section.

  • Create a unique address for your Wajooba account in the Site Adress section which should not be changed, be careful as it will impact all your links.

  • Choose the right TimeZone, your students will get reminders and invoice dates based on the time zone you select, so be careful.

  • Type in the account owner's name in the Account Owners section, this name goes when you send emails, also it appears on the top of your public page. 

  • Provide the URL of your site for the terms and conditions of your organization in the Terms and Conditions Link section.

  • You can provide an email name in the Email Name section for which appears in clients' inbox.

  • Type in an email address in the Email Address section with your own domain name.

  • Enter a phone number in the Phone Number section for your business which will be displayed outside, it is used to notifications and signatures.

  • You can enable the guardian support mechanism by checking the Enable Guardian Support option, this allows guardians to supervise student's performance on the software when you add them to each student while editing a contact.


            A Guardian can supervise more than one student, he/she can access all of his/her student's information once logged               in.

            It would ask you to enter the following information:

                    1. Guardian Tab Label

                    2. Primary Guardian Label

                    3. Secondary Guardian Label



  • In the Application section, you can set up the default settings for your organization. 

           You can update the following settings here:


                  1. Set the default number of attendees.

                  2. Set the default date format.

                  3. The period for which the Introductory membership will be valid

                  4. Amount of sales tax that would be applied to the products you offer.


5. The amount that would be paid on top of the service fee or value if a user pays by card.

6. The amount that would be paid on top of the service fee or value if a user pays by bank account.

7. The period for which the membership remains valid before getting expired.

  • You can SEO friendly keywords in the SEO Keywords section, this would help you improve the organic search result rankings.

  • If you would like to use your personal domain URL for this account provide your organization's domain name URL in the Custom Domain section.


            Note: You need a paid plan to avail this facility, and inform the support team to                configure it.

  • You can provide a URL for your website and up to 5 web pages in the Website Links section. All these links could be configured to give the same look and feel to your Wajooba account as your website. Besides your home-page gets configured automatically when you register.

           Note: This is a paid plan feature.

After updating all the information click the submit in the bottom right corner of your screen to save these settings.

Thanks for reading the article.