Wajooba supports multiple Merchant providers based on the Country 

Below are the payment providers by Country


  1. PaymentSpring (checkout more details at paymentsprings.com)
  2. Stripe


  1. Instamojo (checkout more details at instamojo.com)
  2. Stripe


  1. Stripe (checkout more details at stripe.com)

You can start accepting payments with one of these payment providers.

Accepting Subscription Payments

Subscription payments are supported by

  • PaymentSprings in the USA
  • Stripe in REST OF THE WORLD

Accepting ACH Accounts

  • PaymentSprings supports ACH account  in the USA
  • For India, Instamojo supports multiple ways including Debit. Cards, Online Banking, Google Pay, and much more.

To add a payment provider, We need the following

1. You need to have an account with the Merchant Provider, we can always help you to create one

2. Once you have an account, all we need is Merchants API keys to be integrated.

Lets checkout Merchant One by One

Payment - Integrate With PaymentSprings

Stripe Integration

Payments - Integrate with Stripe

InstajMojo Integration