Zoom Integration will enable you to create Online classes and events.

With COVID-19 studio owners are hosting their classes online, and Zoom is the most popular solution for it.

By Integration Zoom with Wajooba will allow you to

  • Create secured zoom links for each class and event automatically. (even weekly repeating classes)
  • Students will have to register before they attend the class, thus tracking the attendance
  • Generate unique links automatically for different classes
  • The calendar will the Zoom icon 
  • You can restrict the classes to only Authorized students thus saving time in the Waiting room (this  is optional)


Let's go through it step by step

step1. Connect your Zoom account

step2. Setup Student authorization (optional)

step3. Create a Zoom class/event.

Others Tops

  • How will Admin join the meeting
  • How will Student join the meeting


Step1. Connect your Zoom account

a. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Zoom 

b. Click Connect To Zoom Account and follow 

Once connected you should see a Success message and Zoom icon click 

Step2. Setup Student Authorization(Optional)

Your students can signup for an account and start attending the classes. If you want to restrict classes to Authorized students only.

Advanced of restricting to only Authorized students is then you can change the Zoom settings accept the students without holding them in the Waiting room.

a. Go to Settings-> Display Settings

  Step3. Create a Zoom Class/Event

 Programs are your classes and events in Wajooba. Check out the link below to for a detailed look on creating a  program

  How to create a Program

 Let's go over the summary from Zoom's perspective

Step1. Go to Schedule and click on Programs (button on the top right)

Step2. Click Add New

Step3. In the Add New Program section, there is an option Host Zoom Meeting

Choose the Automatic option, this will allow Wajooba to auto-create a new Zoom link.

If you choose Manual Option, then a zoom URL has to be entered manually.

The manual option is good if you have not configured Zoom yet or want to your personal Zoom URL 

The rest all stay the same, go ahead, and publish the program.

Once you have created a Zoom class this how it will appear on your calendar

How will Admin Join the meeting

Once you have created the class, this class is available on your Calendar. As an Admin when you open your Zoom app, the classes will also appear on your zoom Meeting Tab

As an admin, you can Always login to Wajooba and Join the meeting from Schedule screen as well. Here is the admin view

How will Students Join the meeting

Students will have to register for the class and then join. Here is the Students view

Students will also receive an email when they register for the class with the ZOOM link in it.