Here's a step by step guide on how to add a program and schedule it for your event. 

Follow these easy guidelines and you can publish a customized program on your calendar.


Creating a program is very easy with Wajooba it retrieves all the information from the course details, all you need to do is:

  • Choose a date for your program 
  • Check the "Host Online Meeting" option
  • Provide a Hostname

Step 1. Go to the Add Program Screen

  • Go to Schedule and then click Programs. 


  • Select the course from the drop-down menu for which you are creating the program.


Step2. Start adding the details 

  Note: You can choose the frequency of the program if it's not a regular class.

              Programs dates can be either specific or weekly repeated.


  • Specific Dates

           You can add more than one specific date by clicking on the "+" sign on the right.

           You can check the registration option and fill in the "start and end date" for the period you would like to accept new               students.

  • Weekly Repeating


            With weekly repeating, you can select a day and then end date, can be chosen in 3 different ways


  1.   for a specific number of weeks
  2.   Specific end date
  3.   The number of weeks the classes will be conducted.          

  • Host Online Meeting

Check this option, if you would like to host an Online meeting.

  1. Automatic Option will generate a new Zoom URL for you whereas,
  2. Manual Option gives you the liberty to provide your own URL from Zoom any other software for online meetings.

These options help you integrate the Online Meetings with a few clicks.

Customized Details


  • Max Attendees

           You have the liberty to manually type in the number of attendees you would like to attend your event.

  • Location

           This section should only be filled if your event is being held on a physical location, just step ahead if it's an online                     meeting


  • Additional Info

          An additional piece of text information could be added in this box for assisting students in getting enrolled for the                 program you offer like "Its a two-day event" or "Register to get an email reminder", the message you put here will             be displayed on the banner of the programs you create.

 You can see the additional info in the banner at the right-hand side below the date and time.

  • Add image/video

           You can upload a banner image for the event or a descriptional Youtube video about the program by providing

           a URL to make it more appealing.


            Now hit the next button on the bottom right corner.

Step3. Add a detailed description to your program

This page allows you to provide a brief description of your program, or you can just skip this if you like.  


        Note: This is a detailed description and not a brief description, this is needed only             when you are conducting an event so that users can see the details 


  • You get to choose between various templates available.
  • You can write headlines choose fonts and images for the course.

  • There are several blocks to add text and visual information like Lectures, topics covered, or names of instructors that will be assessing the event.

  • You can change and more the images in the template for your event by uploading one of your own or by choosing from the given option.

  • Content tab

           This tab allows us the choose from the given option to add in the description. You can simply drag and drop the item              you choose to add, and it would get aligned to the grid automatically.


            You can add text, images, videos, HTML, buttons for any operation or Social Media handles.


  • Rows tab

           You can also change the way this page would look by using the rows tab and dragging in the desired format of the                  row, where you can place the content you want for your description.

  • Settings tab

           You can manage the page with the help of settings tab it allows you to change the size of content, background color,             content's background-color, Font and link color

Step4. Publish your program

           After adding all the descriptions you can simply hit the next button to preview your course.

        If it appears to you as intended simply click on the submit button in the bottom right corner.

Congratulations you have successfully created your first Program on Wajooba and you can keep track of the upcoming events or programs on your calendar, even when you are logged off.

Thanks for reading the article.