Here's a step by step guide to help you create your first course on Wajooba.

Follow these guidelines to create and publish your course.

Step1. Go To Courses &  Services 

Click on the "Add a course or service" button on the top right corner of your screen.

Step2. Fill in the course details

  • Name

           Fill in the name for your course. It could be anything you would like to teach(yoga, science, or video editing).

  • Color

           Choose a color code to highlight events for the course in the monthly calendar.

  • Is Online Course

           Check this option if the classes will be held online for this course.


  • Add Image/Video

           This option enables you to upload a banner image or an introductory video for your course. You can either choose to              upload an image or provide a URL for Youtube video to appear on the top.


  • Payment Types

           You can choose between various payment methods to accept payments for your course.


  1. Paid Course - Select this option if you want the users to pay for your course, will be marked UnPaid if they haven't purchased a class.
  2. Free - Selecting his option makes it free for the users to attend the course and all the programs.
  3. Donation Based - In this case, you can create a donation program for students who cannot pay for the course. Once a user has registered for the course, he/she will be prompted for the grant.
  4. External link - You can outsource the registration process to some other website by selecting this option and providing the URL of that website.

  •   Pricing Options

             You can create membership plans for your course in this section by adding a name and price to the plan. 

             Use the "+" to add more plans for your course

            You can see an example of plans created for membership in this image.

            For Additional Payment settings, you can click the gear icon on the right and a drop-down menu will appear.

            You can choose the following options from that menu:

   1.  Payment mode

        You can choose the mode of payment for each membership plan with this option. It can either be a one-time         payment or you can split the amount by selecting the recurring payment option.

   2.  No of Allowed Sessions

        You can choose the number of sessions allowed on a particular payment plan. It can either be unlimited or               you can manually enter the number of sessions.


Here is an image for the sessions allowed manually.


                    3.  Charge Card Fees

                         You can check this option to charge an additional amount for payments made with cards.

                    4.  Intro Membership

                         Check this option for the introductory membership plan for your course.

                    5.  List On Website

                         Check this option to make this plan visible on your website.

  • SEO Description

           You can write an SEO description for your course in this text-box, which would help your course rank higher in the                   organic search results of search engines.

Here is an example of an SEO friendly course description.

           Now hit the next button to move onto the next step.

Step3. Choose a template


            You can choose a template for a detailed description of your course from the given options.


             You can skip the detailed description if you like.

Step3. Add Detailed Using Long Description Editor


            The long description editor allows you to add more details on the course banner and customize with various options.

           You can provide details about the course offerings, images, videos, HTML, social media handles, or pretty much                     anything you want on the banner.

        You can also provide details about the upcoming events using to display on the course banner.

            The template can be modified using the CONTENT tab on the right, you can drag and drop any of the content options             provided and the editor aligns to the gird automatically.

        By using the ROWS tab you can edit drag and drop you the style of row in which you want to place your content from           the CONTENT tab, so that you can arrange the order of banner in the way you like.


        There's a SETTINGS tab for you to manage to content settings which helps you change the size of your content,                    background colors, content area background color, fonts, and link color for the banner of your course

        Simply hit the next button to move on if you feel satisfied with the customization.

Step4. Preview and Publish

            Here you can preview your course banner from the user's perspective. 


          If it appears to you as intended click the submit button on the bottom right corner.

       Congratulations you have successfully created your first course on Wajooba.


        Thanks for reading this article. 


        If you want to publish a program or event on your course click here, Create and Publish A Program.