In Wajooba, everything starts with Courses, first, a Course has to be created and then you can create Classes, Batches and events for it to publish on the Class calendar.

Assuming that you create have a course created, if not create one.

Once you have created a Course, let's go ahead and create a  publish your Classes

Step 1: Open Class Details and click on  + Add Class or Program

Step 2: - Start adding Class Details

Make it an Event Flag

If your class is an event i.e if you are looking to create a landing page(detailed description) for new students to view the details of the class, pay, and register in that case it's good to create an event.

For regular students, they will just log in and mark their attendance, they have already paid for the course. and their membership can be managed internally.


You can have your Classes weekly on specific days or you have it spread across specific dates.

Choose the appropriate frequency, also there is a flag called as

Allow New Registrations Flag

This flag is useful only for Events, and it will only allow students to register for classes, when new registrations are on.


You can conduct your classes Online or In-person or Both.

Wajooba has a formal integration Zoom, but you can use any online meeting software.

To Have an Online Meeting Url, select Host Online Meeting flag, 

   AutomatIc Option - Basically will create a secure meeting URL for each meeting, while you can use 

    Manual Option to enter your own meeting Url

All other options are populated by default unless you want to change something.

Step 3: Preview and Click Submit

You can change the Banner Image, description details and then click submit.


Step4: Verify the Class Calendar

You can verify if the class calendar has been updated in two ways

  • By Going to Scehdule
  • By logging out and checking the Calendar externally.

Step5 - If you Have a Wajooba Events Plugin

If you have a Wajooba events plugin, in that case, you will see the Events Automatically updated on your website as well

You can create an Entire Years calendar in Minutes.