With Wajooba you can create easily create a Customer Registration form, Enrollment or Waiver Form

Highlevel Summary

  • Identify All the fields you will need in your Registration form
  • Create those fields in the Custom Fields Section
  • Go to Settings -> Custom Forms and click on Student Registration, this is the form you are looking to customize.
  • Add Header and Footer Text
  • Select the Fields needed
  • Once done editing it, just publish it for it to appear on your account.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings section, by clicking on Top right of the UI. 

Note - You need to be an Admin to create the Registration Forms

Step 2:

Once here, click on "Custom Forms". Here, you will find two existing form templates that have been created for specific purposes, as is evident from their titles.

The Event Registration form will customize when students register for the Event.

For this section, we are looking at the Student Registration form but the steps remain the same for another one as well

Step 3:

Once inside the form editor, proceed to fill out the required details.

  • Name is what you will see as a link on the  site when published, you can e.g Waiver Form, Registration Form
  • When you are ready, click List On Website to publish the form on Website.
  • Fill in Header
    • Fill in a header text with your details
  • Form Fields
    • This is where you will select all the fields you want for you registration form

  • In most cases, the standard fields should be good enough to obtain core information about each student/attendee. However, you can choose to integrate more information by selecting the following fields:

  • Footer Text
    • This will where you can add the footer text

Step 4:

Click Submit to create your Custom Form

Step5: Test it

Logout of the portal or open your wajooba account in a new browser and you can see the link Published.


also, checkout where does that data go when the Users fill-up the Registration Forms

How to Create a Waiver Form or Student registration form