What is Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular and easiest tools for small businesses looking to send, manage, and customize email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is specifically known for offering a simple and intuitive interface for designing stunning email templates as well as deep insights into parameters such as email open-rates and audience reception in general. It is a one-stop platform for managing all your email campaign needs.

Good part of Mailchimp is, it has a free account as far as your contacts are less than 2000 after that you will have to go on Paid plan.

Create an account on Mailchimp if you don't have one


With the Wajooba-Mailchimp integration, All Contacts are auto synced between Wajooba and Mailhimp.

Below are steps for Mailchimp integration with Wajooba.

Step 1:

Go to Settings by clicking on Right top on your User name and then settings.

As highlighted above, click on the settings button

Step 2:

On the settings page, click on the “Integrations” tab and  then click on Mailchimp

Step 3:

Two pieces of information we need is Audience ID and the API Ke

The Audience ID can be found on your Mailchimp dashboard.

After logging into your Mailchimp dashboard, head to the bottom left corner of your window where you will again find a letter inside a coloured box, something like this:

Click on the same and from the menu that opens upon doing so, select the option “Account”.


Once you click on the account button, you will see two main segments on the page, one of which (on the left of your screen) will be labelled as “Contacts”. Below the label and some other tidbits of text and visual elements associated with the same, you will find the clickable, blue text – “View Audiences”.

Click on “View audiences”. On the right side of the new screen that loads upon clicking the text, you will find a drop-down menu button labelled as “Manage Audiences”, which upon clicking opens the following menu:

From within this menu, click on the “Settings” option.

Once inside the settings page of the “Manage Audience” tab, click on the first of many options given on the page, essentially labelled as “Audience Name and Defaults”.

The following should unfold once you click on the same.

In this newly opened space, on the right side you will notice a code given in red. This is the Audience ID as evidenced by the description and the heading above it. This ID is different for every account and in fact, every audience list.

Once you locate the ID, copy it and paste it back into the field given on your Wajooba dashboard.

Step 4:

The next step involves inputting the API key into its designated field on the Wajooba dashboard. To find the API key, again click on the following icon associated with your profile on the Mailchimp dashboard:

Once you are in the window that lies beyond the last click that you orchestrated, look for the option called “Extras” amongst the many tabs given below your username on the page.

Once you click on “Extras”, a menu should drop down containing an option (among two others) labelled as “API Keys”. Click on the same to proceed.

Once you enter the “API Key” page, scroll down to where you find the illustration of a broken egg with the words “You don’t have any active API Keys” given below it. 

Below the illustration and the phrase, you will find the button “Create a Key”. Click on the same.

Once you do so, the same page will reload with the exception of an additional section that has now appeared somewhere in the middle of the page. This section should look like this:


Under the API key column of this section, you will find a long string composed of numbers and letters. Copy this “key” and paste it in the designated field of “API Key” on the Wajooba dashboard.

Step 5:

Once you have added both the Audience ID and API key successfully in the designated fields, click on submit. 

After you do so, you will receive a notification on the top right corner of your screen, a green box with the message “Mailchimp integration successfully added”.

Step6: Start the Sync

Click on Resync to start the Sync process, this will take time depending on  how many contacts you have between the two systems.

Once complete you will receive an email and also after that if you go to Contacts all the red dots you had in front of contacts will disappear indicating that sync is done.

Hence forth, if you add a contact in Wajooba or Mailchimp, they get will get auto synced.

That is it for the article, let us know if you need any more info