Twillio offers text messaging and other services, Wajooba has a two-way integration with Twillio.

Its a one time process to Configure Twillio with Wajooba, once configured, you can then start sending and receiving text messages to your wajooba account.

If you have a need to send 1000's of messages, connect with us, We also have a special plugin which can help you send bulk messages directly from your phone.

Otherwise, With Twillio integration you can start sending messages from Wajooba, also start receiving Smart notifications of Class Cancelled, Purchase made etc.

Below are the steps for Twillio Integration

Create an account in Twilio and Purchase a phone number

  • Go to and create an account
  • Then purchase a phone number - to start sending messages you will have to purchase a new phone number            


Navigate to Twillio Integration Screen on Wajooba

  • Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Twillio Screen

  • Start Adding the Twillio Details

Login to your Twillio account 

Account SID and AUTH Token 

Go to Dashboard to get Account SID and Auth Token

Phone Number or Message Service ID

Wajooba needs a Twillio Phone number or a Message Service ID.

What is Message ServiceID

If you have the bulk of messages to send, it's a good idea to use multiple phone numbers to send them parallely, in that case, all those phone numbers will be a part of the message service.

Find the Phone Number

Go to phone numbers

Copy the Phone number

Copy the phone number from the Phone numbers section

Copy the Message Service ID

If you are an advanced user, then copy the Message Service ID 

Add the Webhook for Receiving Messages

If you would like to receive messages, then you will have to configure the webhook.

Click on the phone number and then paste the webhook to the section where it says

- When the message comes in 

Copy the below webhook to the Twillio screen