Online Courses are a great way to Monetize, be connected with your students.

Wajooba makes it super simple to Create an Online Course, below is the summary of how to create an Online Course

  • Create a Course with a beautiful Sales Page and Pricing Options
  • Start create a Curriculum by organizing your content in Sections, Chapters 
  • Publish the Course

Step1 - Create a Powerful sales page and add the Pricing options

How to Create a Landing Page for your Course

Step2 - Start adding Content for the Course

Go to the first tab,  Classes, and Curriculum and scroll down


Sections allow you to organize all the chapters related to the section, give a good Section name e.g Introduction.


Chapters are the ones who have Videos, Text, Files, Quiz/ Tests in it

You will have to Publish the chapter for it to be visible to the students.

Open a Chapter by clicking on the chapter

Add a Video

To add a video, click Add File section and upload the video

What happens to my Uploaded Video

Once you upload a Video in any format, like .mov, .fl4, mp4 etc

We convert that Video into a very efficient Streaming File Format, so that users can watch it without downloading the entire video.

Also if you would like we can

  1. Allow them to download the Video (based on your account settings)
  2. Allow them to view the Audio File

Editing the Video

We are in the process of adding, Watermarks, Intro and Extro Videos, so that you can upload the videos with minimum edits

Also, we will be supporting to add a file through links so you dont have to wait for uploading large files

How Secure is my Data

Your data is stored in a very secure connection, nobody can download your Video unless you intend them to.

Dont' Forget to Publish the Chapter