Guardian Support feature allows your students to have Guardians. It means that the Guardians can log in with their email and see all the student's accounts of the Guardian associated with them.

There are a couple of ways you can add Guardians to Students, let's go through them.

First, Ensure that the Guardian Support is turned on. 

Adding Guardians from Studnet Registration/ Waiver form

You can customize the student registration form, to include the Guardian fields in it.

With that students when filling up the form will also enter the Guardian Info.


How to Create a Waiver Form or Student registration form

Adding Guardians From the Contact 

Click on a Contact for whom you would like to add a Guardian and click Edit 

You will see the Guardian Contact, there you can select an existing guardian or add a new Guardian

Add Guardian Info

This the Guardian section

Once a Guardian is Assigned to a Student, below is the view for the student

Guardian List shows all the list of Guaridans